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Rick Burchett joins CR as Virtual Design and Construction Leader

R Burchett

CINCINNATI September 8, 2017- Since Rick Burchett joined CR architecture + design in July, he’s been hard at work developing new ways for our virtual design and construction capabilities to benefit our clients at every stage of design and construction. An expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Rick is working to create an even more collaborative client experience with immersive 3D platforms for communicating and planning every facet in the lifecycle of a building. In his nearly 30 years of experience in architecture industry, Rick was a member of Autodesk’s “Gunslinger” Project as well as a member of the Autodesk beta test team beginning in 2000, testing the developer’s Revit software.

We sat down with Rick to find out what he sees as the true benefits of BIM—here’s what he shared.

What’s the greatest value that BIM brings to architecture projects?

A lot of firms can model, but it’s the “I” in BIM that often gets missed. The true benefit of BIM is the high level of information it can provide on both the detail side and the graphic side to enhance experience and efficiency in every aspect of the design and construction processes. Right from the beginning of a project, and with little additional cost, we can better show a client what they are asking for. We can even show them something they’ve never seen before with benefits they’ve yet to consider.

What would your new colleagues at CR be the most surprised to know about you?

I’m a gamer at heart. That’s part of what led me to working in BIM and architecture. My love of gaming started out with D&D and video games and later evolved to MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). For me, BIM is a natural extension of that passion—my role is to create the most realistic digital experience for our clients, reflecting the potential ways people will live and play in the spaces we create for them.

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