CR architecture + design

Columbus Fire Training Center

The Highlights

Project Type: Public Safety

Location: Columbus, OH

Size: 27,800- sf

Services Used:

Interior Architecture


Public Safety

A practical design to build practical skills

CR served as the Design Architect for this complex that includes a practical skills building, training tower and burn building. The tower and mezzanine incorporate standard built-in training elements and the apparatus bay can accommodate CPAT training. The six-story training tower has a two-story re-configurable maze area arranged to resemble office, single family residential, multi-family residential, or industrial space. The tower also includes a simulated elevator, dry-pipe training sprinkler system, and simulated utility panels. Roof access allows for rappelling from +/- 55 feet.  Built-in training exercises include: save your own, confined space, stokes basket, rappelling, high-angle rescue, roof ventilation, balcony and window simulations, elevator cab rescue, ladder and utility shut off exercises.  Site features include a driver training course, drafting from the retention pond, hydrant training, roof ventilation training structure, and future gas props.