CR architecture + design

Kroger, Short
North Columbus

The Highlights

Project Type: Sustainability

Location: Columbus, OH

Size: 54,000- sf

Services Used:

Interior Architecture


Multi Unit Rollout

Premier design for a national retailer

This new store replaces an existing Kroger store woefully inadequate in retail and sparking space. The demolition of the 36,000- sf store made way for an additional 20,000- sf of retail space and additional parking. CR worked within zoning constraints and demanding guidelines to produce this new facility, one of the premier Kroger designs in the city of Columbus. Many factors were taken into account in the design process, such as location of site, relationship to the street, massing, scale, materials and detailing.

Located in the Weinland Park neighborhood in Columbus, OH, located just south of The Ohio State University's campus, the new 54,000- sf store reflects the unique qualities of the design team and incorporates Kroger's sustainable operating initiatives. As a Designed to Earn Energy Star (DEES) retail space, the new store aligns with the retailers vision of sustainability by incorporating features such as low VOC paint, water efficient plumbing fixtures, and large windows to reduce the need for artificial light.  The store is also located on a public transportation route and is easily accessible to shoppers.