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Creating places that inspire learning.

Been there and done that no longer works in the academic setting. Learning environments must be receptive to technology advancements, and designers must keep pace. Through master-planning, ground-up, and renovation projects, we've kept our eye on the latest trends and continue to deliver thoughtful designs that achieve that which can be imagined.

Facility design must be about the student, the learning process and the technology that fosters every student's potential. Our design promotes those interests, while preserving the elements and details that transcend trend and capture the environment required.



In 2008, Princeton City desperately needed two schools. Its middle school was in bad shape and the high school was not faring much better. Previous patchwork additions to the schools had satisfied the need for more classroom space, but at the expense of the energy efficiency, overextended HVAC systems and comfortable environments. Unfortunately, like many blue-collar communities across our country during that time, Princeton was hurting.

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