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Our success is
driven by our people.

CR Leadership

David S. Arends detail

David S. Arends

President and CEO

Joseph T. Stephen detail

Joseph T. Stephen

Chief Financial Officer

Zach Adams detail

Zach Adams

Chief Operations Officer

Meet the people who make CR special.

Jennifer Anderson detail

Jennifer Anderson

Project Lead

Aimee Atilano detail

Aimee Atilano


Kate Baigrie detail

Kate Baigrie

Project Manager

Marcel Ballester detail

Marcel Ballester


Mark Bischoff detail

Mark Bischoff

Project Manager

Joshua Burke detail

Joshua Burke

Technical Associate

Charlie Carroll detail

Charlie Carroll

Technical Associate

Emily Chamberlain detail

Emily Chamberlain

Project Lead

Julio Clark detail

Julio Clark

Technical Associate

Jason Cluth detail

Jason Cluth


Cain Conner detail

Cain Conner

Director of Client Development

Suzanne Copeland detail

Suzanne Copeland

Project Manager

Laurence A. Cotner II detail

Laurence A. Cotner II


Arlene Dawson detail

Arlene Dawson

Director of First Impressions

Scott Dietz detail

Scott Dietz

Project Manager

Kathleen Dolan detail

Kathleen Dolan

Project Accountant

Shannon H. Duffy detail

Shannon H. Duffy

Senior Project Manager

Nicole Duty detail

Nicole Duty


Leo Estrada detail

Leo Estrada

Senior Project Manager

Jeff Evans detail

Jeff Evans

Director, Client Development

Sienna Faulkner detail

Sienna Faulkner

Human Resources Leader

Victoria Francis detail

Victoria Francis


Eric Fortner detail

Eric Fortner

Interior Designer

Anthony J. Frey detail

Anthony J. Frey

Project Manager

Rick Fussner detail

Rick Fussner

Project Lead

Kelly Gaddes detail

Kelly Gaddes

Director- Interior Architecture

Amber Gentry detail

Amber Gentry

Project Manager

Richard Gerke detail

Richard Gerke

Senior Associate

Adam Graden detail

Adam Graden


Rebecca Greenlee detail

Rebecca Greenlee

Technical Associate

Daniel Guareno detail

Daniel Guareno


Brad Hamilton detail

Brad Hamilton


Sarang Han detail

Sarang Han


Joshua Harper detail

Joshua Harper


Andy Haynes detail

Andy Haynes

Architect Senior Project

Craig Heilmann detail

Craig Heilmann


Erwin D. Hein detail

Erwin D. Hein

Project Manager

Jennifer Helderman detail

Jennifer Helderman

Project Lead

Jessica Hensley detail

Jessica Hensley

Executive Assistant

Shannon Hill detail

Shannon Hill

Senior Associate

Stefani Huey detail

Stefani Huey


Katy Hug detail

Katy Hug

Talent Acquisition Director

Whitney Huver detail

Whitney Huver

Senior Associate

Tyler Jackson detail

Tyler Jackson


Ina Kratzsch detail

Ina Kratzsch

Project Lead

Chris Kuo detail

Chris Kuo

Director of Marketing

Elias Lewis detail

Elias Lewis


Brett Macht detail

Brett Macht

Project Architect

Monica Mancera detail

Monica Mancera

Project Lead

Alexandra McCarthey detail

Alexandra McCarthey


Declan McCormack detail

Declan McCormack

Executive Director, Client Development

Brian McKinley detail

Brian McKinley

Project Architect

Catherine Monceaux detail

Catherine Monceaux

Marketing Coordinator

Dawna Moorehead detail

Dawna Moorehead

Project Accountant

Michael Nagel detail

Michael Nagel


Tomas Negrete detail

Tomas Negrete

Project Manager

Evan Novak detail

Evan Novak


Peggy Obermeyer detail

Peggy Obermeyer


Ron Orr detail

Ron Orr

Senior Associate

Brian J. Ostheimer detail

Brian J. Ostheimer

Senior Associate

Katie Papin detail

Katie Papin

Project Manager

Rebecca Peterkin detail

Rebecca Peterkin


Svetlana Petrova detail

Svetlana Petrova


Bob Powell detail

Bob Powell


Nick Rarick detail

Nick Rarick

Technical Associate

Alex Riede detail

Alex Riede


Bill Riehl detail

Bill Riehl


Cassandra Rowan detail

Cassandra Rowan


Joe Russell detail

Joe Russell

Project Lead

Abby Russo detail

Abby Russo


Craig Schoenberger detail

Craig Schoenberger

IT Manager

Amanda Searfoss detail

Amanda Searfoss

Design Associate

Allise Seiler detail

Allise Seiler


Duane Sexton detail

Duane Sexton

Senior Associate

Randy Sharp detail

Randy Sharp

IT Administrator

James Shelton detail

James Shelton


Tom Stuart detail

Tom Stuart

Senior Project Manager

Joseph T. Sweeney detail

Joseph T. Sweeney

Senior Project Architect

Emily Terzic detail

Emily Terzic


John Tunningley detail

John Tunningley

Project Lead

Vicky L. Van detail

Vicky L. Van

Senior Project Accountant

Christine Warnick detail

Christine Warnick


Cristin Wenstrup detail

Cristin Wenstrup

Project Lead

Nicole Winkler detail

Nicole Winkler

Technical Associate

Matthew Wyles detail

Matthew Wyles

Project Lead

Kenny Yarman detail

Kenny Yarman

Technical Associate